Outpatient Services For Substance Abuse!

By offering a wide range of outpatient drug use and mental health services, our outpatient drug abuse treatment program enables us to offer a flexible and comprehensive continuum of care that works in synergy with our clients’ lives. Working on your recovery on a tiered program level like IOP, PHP, or GOP. Since many of our clients juggle multiple responsibilities such as work, job commitments, and family life, we work to ensure that our outpatient program is flexible to suit someone’s lifestyle. Some of our clients avoid hospital care and use our outpatient program without ever completing an inpatient program, relying solely on outpatient care.

Why Choose Genesis Detox Of Brooklyn?

Genesis Detox Of Brooklyn is a premier choice for an outpatient drug rehab center near you. We feature industry-leading doctors, therapists, nurses, and staff who care for people struggling with addiction disease (SUD) or mental health problems. eligible to enjoy our specialized drug abuse treatment program, including art therapy, money management, and experiential therapy. Additionally, our mental health department, the Genesis Detox Of Brooklyn Programs, offers a unique outpatient option – psychotherapy that works for you. Talk therapy by trained specialists and experts for forms of care such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be booked individually or regularly.

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Counseling Services

Outpatient drug use counseling services can include individual, group, or family therapies for those seeking ongoing treatment for substance abuse. with all the support they need to complete each step of recovery. Our therapists at Retreat Behavioral Health include master’s level physicians, licensed counselors, and licensed psychologists. Individuals who need additional structured treatment can benefit from our inpatient program Partial (PHP) at Retreat Premier benefit addiction treatment centers. This day program is designed to help patients transition from inpatient treatment to an independent, sober life. A person can participate in our PHP while living in a residential setting, sober, or living at home and receive a highly structured approach to treatment, ongoing medical benefits, and additional therapies.

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