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OxyContin, a prescription pain reliever made from oxycodone, is released into the body over a period of 12 hours. It was designed to treat chronic pain associated with serious conditions like arthritis and cancer, but it can be addicting due to its euphoric effects. The drug is prescribed for long-term pain management, the risks of addiction are inherent. A long-term medical user may not be addicted, but can still be dependent and will most likely experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking the drug. If the client stops taking OxyContin, the client’s doctors must monitor the pain caused by the original prescription as well as the withdrawal. For someone who is abusing OxyContin, a supervised withdrawal program is the safest, most effective way to stop taking the drug, control withdrawal symptoms, and reduce the chance of relapse.

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People can expand tolerance for OxyContin and so appearance to take better doses to get the identical effect. At Genesis Detox of Brooklyn, our first step in imparting assistance is to apprehend the client, their bodily and mental history, a sample of use, and specific circumstances. When you start remedy with us, we can completely examine your drug use and scientific history. We will carry out any associated assessments required and could start your withdrawal system withinside the most secure and simplest manner.

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We accept patients who need detox from Opioids, Alcohol and Benzodiazepines.

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  • Lorazepam / Ativan

Genesis Detox Of Brooklyn Oxycontin Support Program?

At Genesis Detox Of Brooklyn, we have created an environment that is calming and medically feasible to better help people cope with their addiction and addiction to OxyContin withdrawal symptoms. Treatment takes place in a modern, confidential and safe environment that provides an atmosphere in which patients can take the time they need to recover. In addition to our medical team, there is a dedicated team of behavioral health professionals and case managers working with each client to guide them on a solid path to recovery and to help create customized therapy and support programs for each client’s needs in our facility and back in Do not attempt the OxyContin Detox on Holistic and Nutritional Support during your stay at our facility. Our gourmet chef offers nutritious and balanced meals to encourage viable eating habits. Our team believes in education and stress management and will work with you intensely while in your own community You are here to better understand social triggers, how to avoid them and how to manage them on your own after leaving the facility. Finally, regardless of your home, we can connect with the right professionals around you to ensure you stay on solid ground as you progress towards recovery.

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