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Xanax is a powerful drug that is generally prescribed to treat moderate to severe anxiety disorders. Xanax is a benzodiazepine and can take a lot of getting used to if used long-term or other than prescribed by a doctor. Hospitals do not treat patients with detoxifying from benzodiazepine. Of all the psychiatric prescriptions in the United States, Xanax is the most commonly prescribed. One reason why Xanax is so addicting is that tolerance comes on very quickly (meaning more of the drug is needed in order for the person to experience the same physical and mental response). The person who abused Xanax begins to take larger amounts each day, becomes more prone to overdose, and if the user’s supply is suddenly cut off, withdrawal symptoms will occur. Addiction, these symptoms can be life threatening. For this reason, among other things, a medical Xanax detox is absolutely necessary.

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The Length Of Withdrawal

Withdrawal symptoms occur within 6 to 12 hours of taking the last dose. Rebound symptoms, the symptoms the drug is designed to suppress, occur first within 14 hours of ingestion, followed by acute withdrawal that may take a few minutes. Days to a month, depending on the person. Withdrawal symptoms usually peak within the first two weeks and begin to subside shortly afterwards.

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At Genesis Detox Of Brooklyn, we believe in creating a personalized program for each client that involves gradually reducing medication over time, combined with other therapy methods such as stress management and counseling. Recovery is at the center of their concern and they are available 7 days a week for your success. with his medical team every day that he is with us. Our staff will work together to alleviate your symptoms and discomfort and formulate a plan for a sustainable path to recovery.

There are many factors that we consider in relation to your Xanax addiction and your individual withdrawal process. Our team must consider your level of addiction, the dose you typically take, your genetics, the reason you took Xanax, and a host of other dynamics as you design the plan that will work best for you. But rest assured, our medical team has decades of experience in treating withdrawal and knows the methods that will help you achieve the greatest possible comfort and safety throughout the detox, ready, our staff will educate you about the symptoms, that you might have in the future and teach you the techniques you need. We provide you with a solid foundation to build on with additional therapies to help you navigate the time of your return to society and techniques to successfully prevent disease. Riggers sure to lurk around every corner, including Xanax’s fear of jumping.

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We provide a safe and comfortable place to experience acute withdrawal and provide a calm environment for you to go through the Xanax addiction treatment process. Our rooms are comfortable and luxuriously furnished and our chef offers tempting meals to keep your body strong. a homely quality where you will be properly looked after and looked after during your stay and then come back to society with a personalized program to help you stay clean.

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